Pricing starts from £80 per track and up to 3 revisions are included.  Discounts are available for multiple tracks/full albums.

I am a perfectionist and in order to successfully deliver your project it takes hours.  While you may find cheaper prices online, from me you get the full studio treatment.


A successful project starts with great communication.  Once we have had an initial consultation, I will set a date to do the recording.  That day is a lockout for you and I can dedicate my time to ensure you come out with exactly what you want.

Drum Choice

On the date given, I will be in direct communication while I setup the perfect kit to reflect the character you are after.  The drums are then tuned to the key of your song for ultimate sonic bliss.

Mic Selection

Next is the process of careful mic selection and meticulous placement to ensure you get the best sound possible.  I have a choice of condenser, dynamic and ribbon mics at my disposal.

Hear the Sound

Test files can be sent over so you can hear exactly how it sounds prior to committing to the track takes.  Only when we are both happy with the sound do we get to your song.

How many stems?

An average session consists of 11 mic channels as .Wav files ready to be mixed within your DAW.  These are recorded at 44Khz, 24bit unless specified otherwise.  The number of stems provided can vary depending on song and sound.

 Individual mic channels may include:

  • x1 Snare top

  • x1 Snare bottom

  • x1 Hi-hat

  • x2 Kick drum (x1 in and x1 out)

  • x1 Rack Tom

  • x1 Floor Tom

  • x2 Overheads

  • x2 Ambient mic

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